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This blog is an archive of design process created by multi-disciplinary students from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. We are exploring how design can make a difference in the course of reuniting Lower 9th Ward residents. Please join our journey in helping the people of New Orleans.

March 07, 2006

mid-term presentation today!!!

We worked all weekend to prepare our mid-term presentation. Today we'll be presenting our project to president and chief academic officer of our school . Tomorrow we'll be presenting to our department chairs and also instructors from various majors. Last night we met our project advisors Karen and Tisha...tighten up the presentation even more. Right now it is 8am and our first presentation is... in 6 hours? I have few more things to finish and hopefully we'll be ready to rock the board room:)


  • At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Marna David said…


    My name is Marna David and I am a resident of the Lower 9th Ward. I'm on the Neighbood Association board for the Holy Cross Hisoric District, which the area between St Claude Avenue and the levee at the levee. We have a higher "footpritnt" than the our sister area on the other side of Claiborne, between Claiborn Ave and Florida Avenue where conditions are deploragle and virtual infrastructure does not exist, One of our most pressign goals is to contact all oour former residents to provide help and information in their (hopeful return) and to include them in all decisions made in te rebiiding process.
    We;ve stubbled on your site thu a chance meetintg with one of your teammates at an event in LA where our administrator was presneting for House by House ( an non-profit estaglished to rebuild historic homes probably first in the Holy Cross Distriict (since there's more to work with there are the nonent) and expand from there.
    I'm writing primarily to discover tecnhnics and successed you may have developed for locating our residents. Is there information reguarding that that you dan sheare with us? Please pass along any methods or infor you im might hsvr gathered that might be useful fo us in contacting our residents. it's vitial for our forwrad movement and could use all the help we can get.

    Please contact me with anything helpul you might have, Our actual furture does depend on it.

    Thanks for your help,
    M arna David HCNA


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