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March 04, 2006

E-mail from Edgar

E-mail from Edgar. He is informing us about how Mardi Gras went.... what's going on with new mayor selection process...I'm really glad that he finished putting together his album. I wonder if "putting together album" actually pushed him forward to have some kind of conclusion....

Dear Wakako;

no problem, i'm glad to keep you inform and to help you in any way possible for me here in no.

there are some interesting points you raise in thesite, like the future make up of new orleans. rightnow there is a lot of intrigue about who will be the next mayor of a city with a majority white population. Mitch Landrieu, present lieutenant gov. and brother of state senator Mary Landrieu, seems to be a favorite, although i don't know yet who i will vote for. i'm not too crazy about our current mayor, Ray Nagin. although i consider him a good guy.

fat tuesday was olutely beautiful weather wise, and also pleasant. i rode my bike down the black part of town where ulu usually parades, but this year didn't because of the devastation. there were lots of displaced out-of-town black folk just waiting around for the original Zulu warriors from south africa who came for the special occasion, but the celebration ended miles away in the convention center. i also awsome funny costumes, like the guy who had a huge book sign that read: "the katrina code" by Michael Brown with our Gov. Blanco's face on the cover. i also saw a lot of guys with blue tarp costumes.

i finally got all my pictures inside an album, so i'll finish it with the irony of the mardi gras katrina satire. i have included some of my son's pictures in there also, alone with one of my poems. anyways, i always kick myself for not having more black and white film that dreadful day. work tonight was good, with lots of interesting people.

ah! i heard that they started bull dozing the 9th ward.

hope all goes well for all. i should see you again some day.

take care,


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