Project Lower 9th

This blog is an archive of design process created by multi-disciplinary students from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. We are exploring how design can make a difference in the course of reuniting Lower 9th Ward residents. Please join our journey in helping the people of New Orleans.

February 26, 2006

we got website!!!

we got a website dedicated to our project!!!
We don't have anything on it YET, but hopefully soon!!
We had really busy weekend. Friday lunch with Richard Koshalek (president of our school) and other influential leaders of our school and different communities and all-day meeting on Saturday....
This project is taking us so many different directions...full of opportunity.... sometimes I stop and can't help to think "how the hell did we get here???" I also can't stop being thankful to everyone who is collaborating with us including other students, instructors, stuff from school, people from New Orleans....and so on. I'm getting 3 units working on this project but Angela and Chris are working completely voluntarily....and so as everyone else who is involved....this project has proven me that the world is full of good people:) and it makes me happy to get to know them.


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