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This blog is an archive of design process created by multi-disciplinary students from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. We are exploring how design can make a difference in the course of reuniting Lower 9th Ward residents. Please join our journey in helping the people of New Orleans.

February 19, 2006


I want to interview StoryCorps!!!!
StoryCorps' mobilebooths are traveling around the country. They stop at different cities and have an audio studio available for two people to come in and interview each other. Interviewes are archived and available for anybody to listen to online. Afterward all the interviews are going to museum as a piece of American history. They're in San Diego now but only until March 5th. I tried to make a reservation for interview online, but they're all full!! I think there are some interesting lessons we can learn from what they're doing. I e-mailed the organization to request interview personally, but haven't heard from them yet. I really hope we get to see it before they leave Southern Cal. Posted by Picasa


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