Project Lower 9th

This blog is an archive of design process created by multi-disciplinary students from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. We are exploring how design can make a difference in the course of reuniting Lower 9th Ward residents. Please join our journey in helping the people of New Orleans.

February 19, 2006

Design brief (refined: Feb.18th)

Chris and I worked all yesterday on refining our design brief. We wanted it to be simple but to the point. Hopefully we will get an approval from Karen and Tisha. It's interesting. We live about 30 miles away but can still work as if we're working in the same room!!! Thanks to the technology.

Our mission: We will develop and discover how design can matter in the course of REUNITING THE COMMUNITY OF LOWER 9TH WARD.

Derived from our research, which includes two hands-on investigational trips to New Orleans and surrounding communities (Nov. 05 & Feb. 06), we discovered the essence of the city. New Orleans can be described as a city of integrating cultures and family harmony. Therefore, in order for New Orleans to survive we must bring citizens of this magnificent city back together. In New Orleans alone, hurricane Katrina has forced approximately 300,000 people to evacuate and relocate, leaving family and loved ones scattered and isolated. Only as a united voice can communities like Lower 9th Ward come together and make an attempt to rebuild their cherish land and preserve their rich culture and history.

Our proposal includes 3 sequential phases.
1. Collect _voice, story, information, and photos
2. Organize & Archive
3. Share_ making connections, creating a voice and promoting nonresidents’ understanding

Our project will create a tool that reunites and amplifies a community’s voice during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Not only will our design have the opportunity to aid the community’s recovery process, it also serves as a device to archive and share precious pieces of American history from a very personal level.


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